Katie’s Microgaming Blog and Women Problem Gambling

The Internet has revealed for us millions of new opportunities and many people have found their purpose, hobby, job or just some cool and suitable activity. Nowadays it is quite popular and useful to create your own blog to share some important information with people. So there are of course blogs dedicated to online casino market. And one of them is Katie’s page about Microgaming projects. She describes the safest web staking houses, how to find them and explains how to select the best ones. Besides, you can find some important info concerning Microgaming help for addicted (especially among female auditory) on Katie’s blog.

Many women are very vulnerable to the gambling addiction because they want to escape from routine, abuse or neglect attitude and from the feeling of being lonely. Web casino rooms allow playing slots or table games that attract with easy access and quick play. So the woman can forget about problems during the session of such entertainment that provides fast rewards and losses often enough to keep a person making bets further. That is the difference between Microgaming gambling games and lottery or sports betting (preferable by many men) which may bring victory not at once, but in a few days.

Microgaming Female Players and Gambling Addiction

Women and Addiction

The question of the venturing woman dependence should be discussed more seriously and profoundly. Although we still have stereotypes that only men can be a victim of such trouble, there are many girls who need professional help. However, it is way difficult for them to receive some assistance because society doesn’t expect them being addicted to drugs, alcohol or staking and that’s why their problems could stay unrecognized even in special facilities.

Actually, it is even more difficult and dangerous thing for females to handle this issue alone because they tend to get addicted faster. According to the data from recent studies, women start betting quite later than men (approximately in 34 years old against 20), but the bad consequences begin to occur much quicker and therefore they need to get help more promptly.
But today’s medical care have made several steps to increase awareness and quality of the treating of female trouble, so more and more women come to get some help.

How Microgaming Women Gamble

It seems that a woman makes wiser decisions to turn on the computer and start playing Microgaming slots after a difficult day, instead of getting drunk or high. This way she can be in control of her actions and start the new day then without obvious side effects. But as the addiction takes over, everything can be much worse and result in a relationship, financial or job loss.

women Gambling and Microgaming Solution

Hidden Gambling

As no one would really suspect a woman to be a tough gambler, it is quite easy for female gamers to play in secret. Firstly, there could be no signs which prove the existence of a serious problem. However, when it comes out, it might be too late, as all savings could be gone or a person might have committed some crimes as fraud or theft. So because of the hidden way of excessive gaming, fewer women receive the needed help in time.

Katie’s Point of View on Problem Gambling

She has written an article on gambling addiction issues and placed it on her blog so people who have some interest in betting games can make themselves familiar with the myths and facts concerning problem gambling. Katie explains the importance of discussing such question and asks players to be careful.

She does her best to provide people with the necessary info about trusted casinos where you can play safely. Her choice of Microgaming projects isn’t a random one, as it is the company which creates products that are fair, reliable, have licenses and they implemented features for preventing venturing addiction.