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Here, at, you are free to read the articles about problem gambling, top online gambling casinos, leading providers, statistics and other helpful information without registering an account. You are welcome to take advantage of the products presented and use it for your personal experience and benefit. Though, to be aware of the site conditions, check our privacy and cookie policy below.

Privacy Policy doesn’t require the site visitors to create accounts and share their personal information. That is why, each customer can be sure that nothing is stored by the blog and everything here is anonymous and safe. Treating you with the uttermost care, we offer the top secure measures and conditions for each reader.

Even in case you are offered to subscribe to our newsletter, or anything requiring your email address, you can be sure that it won’t be used in any inappropriate way. The data are necessary for our personal usage, with no third bodies involved.

Cookie Policy

To present you the full range of features and functions, recognize your preferences and make the usage of the site more comfortable for you, our site uses ‘cookies’. A cookie, as it is, is a tiny file or information that is stored on your personal computer when you visit the blog. It permits the site to determine your geolocation, remember your actions and preferences.

Among such things are the chosen language, the size of the page, fonts, etc. The data is collected within a certain time period and is kept for a while, so, you don’t have to enter them again when coming back later. Cookies are collected with one single aim – to show you relevant information, the one that will be most interesting for you personally.

Your Choice

When entering our site, you see a pop-up window warning you about the Cookies. And you agree to the usage and storage of cookies on the device you use. This is the initial thing you are to choose here. Of course, you can pick another variant to disable the option, yet, at that rate, some parts may miss and the navigating may become slower. You are to make up your mind anyway, though, our recommendations remain the same.

Controlling Cookies

Once you want to use our site without cookies, you can deactivate the option in the browser you use. Enter the Help section of the browser and find the correct information helping you solve the situation relevantly. The support center includes the functions to provide several options and let you make the final decision, whether it is Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.

No matter which alternative you select, we strongly advise you to keep Cookies active, because they accomplish an important function of collecting the latest and the most relevant information about your frequently clicked pages, preferred options, etc. With their help we can make the activity better, offering new articles with the topics interesting to you.

Cookies Kinds

There exist several types of cookies, and each of them is responsible for different purposes. We use them to have an idea about your likings and preferences, trying to make our content more catching and interesting for you. Collecting the statistics from the cookies, we see what exactly our readers like and in which direction to move.

So, there are data with technical concern, with a duration of the storage, advertising, essential. Each category replies for various areas of the site usage. And once you feel that anything is done not the way you want, you can simply clear all browsing data, including cookies, to start with a blank paper.