About Us

Regardless of the experience gained during the online gambling pastime, each casino customer needs help at some point of the leisure. The turn from a funny pursuit to something harmful and dangerous for your health is very sharp. That is why, Nafgah.org is created to serve as a guide for all online players, helping them choose the right path.

This is not only about those gamers who have some problems, or they think they have. You can check our articles just for a general development. Offering the reviews of different topics, the main aim of all of them is to prevent gambling addiction. Unfortunately, this is not a period of your life that will end on its own.

And unfortunate day or week when all the game rounds turn to be failures won’t pass by, instead, it can become a disease. Our experts conduct deep researches and analyze the field of online leisure from various sides. As the market is crowded with numerous gambling blogs and the sites providing some surveys and analytics, finding a really reliable one gets harder.

Reading our write-ups, each reader can find a detailed description of various themes, somehow connected with gambling addiction. Each of them follows its own target to resolve and find the appropriate solution.

Our Objectives

What do you do when having a toothache? You simply go to the dentist and not try to cure it on your own, right? The same is with the situation when you switch from fun to addiction. You need a professional help. The mission of the site is simple. We are eager to define the problem (if it exists), offer the appropriate aim and show the right way.

Did you know that according to the statistics, those gamble addicted players who also have a habit to drink alcohol, have mental diseases or depression, their chances to get well are 20 times higher. Also, the problem comes with the age category, cause people from 20 to 30 are more amenable to the addiction than older ones.

The results of such resources are not so pleasant, showing than the a great part of criminals suffer from the same gambling addiction. We do not want anything like that happen to you or your relatives and friends. That is why, we strongly recommend you to check the articles presented on the site and analyze your personal attitude towards the pastime.

What Do We Offer

We do not hide anything from you. Instead, we want to reveal all the truth about the unpleasant situation and the disease to warn and prevent it. Which things should you avoid when having fun? What are the acute steps to take right when everything starts? How to determine the problem? Here we are to help.

Check the articles and being careful with not missing a thing, you can find the essential sign of the addiction. Of course, it doesn’t mean you will have all of them, though, the majority can match. We also offer a list of services ready to give you a hand anytime of day and night. You can use the links to share your story and find some similar situations.

Please, pass the test presented on our site, regardless of your gaming status. There are 10 statements, and you are to recognize whether you did anything from the register within the past 12 months. And in case anything matches, there is a review about the ways to overcome the illness.

Check the survey based on authoritative studies and you will see that everything matters here, starting from the genetic up to environmental factors. We also present a detailed article with statistics of 2016. The information is presented according to different countries, age and gender groups, devices, etc.