Responsible Gambling

We recommend to play responsible! At, we understand the power of media and promo content. As a company positioned to inform, inspire as well as to empower, we embrace the task to make sure that our users are aware of the responsible play rules and act as followed.

Here, on our website, we guide an inclusive culture of concerned gamblers. Through a spectrum of content reflecting the current and changing face of the gambling world, we try to develop an understanding of coming over to your choice of leisure in all seriousness. As we strive to deliver only useful, trustful and educational materials, now discloses the up-to-date guidelines to the conscious usage of betting services.

And as we also feel responsible to share our vision of dutiful gaming activity we promote here, we want to become sure our users share our values and strive for creating a risk-free and trusted environment for gambling as we do.

A fun pastime, that will cause no harm, problem or disillusion, is a sure thing if you comply with a number of the following rules and practices, which comply with the requirements of the industry best Practice Codes.

8 Rules of Safe Gaming in the Online Environment

Don’t wait for things to become worse! We believe in that. It doesn’t matter at what point you are now, please, make certain of knowing 8 regulations.

  1. If you prefer online gambling as your pastime, advises to play solely for entertainment without any earning purposes.
  2. Think of your loss as a cost and win as a bonus to your entertainment.
  3. reminds you of setting some limits before any play:
    • a cash limit on deposits and stick to it after either winning or losing;
    • time frames for gambling;
    • lose limit you expect to handle;
  4. Don’t play on borrowed assets, don’t gamble on credit.
  5. You must make a point not to substitute your friends, family, work or any other activities with gambling.
  6. Avoid “recouping” lost cash, it leads to larger money losses.
  7. Don’t use gambling as a way to cope with any kind of pain, it may be resulted into problems.
  8. provides help for someone who has problems with gambling. Our content contains educational material about all warning signs. Practical Help

You may have had the thoughts about how you can recognize the problem, we as a provider of any information related to the activity really care our customers get the needed help and problem gaming awareness. Honestly, even if you don’t consider yourself as one, we advise checking a list of actions letting you stay within the safe line.

Steps to Protect Yourself

To make sure you respect policies and requirements of responsible gaming, we offer you to recognize several measures for safer experience

We also know what steps to take first, and which are crucial for online gamblers. Right now, you are going to get a lot of answers.

Step 1. Not only we inform you to set various limits, but we want to make a point of setting reality checks with prompts and time-outs.
Step 2. To help you manage not only your timing but wise budgeting with fixed rates for daily and monthly play.
Step 3. Enable the history option to monitor transaction, deposit, and withdrawal information of gaming activity.
Step 4. Consider taking break periods from a day to 6 weeks.
Step 5. Apply self-exclusion to stop gaming from 6 months to 5 years.
Step 6. Adjust Autoplay setting to your requirements by pointing out the loss limit, stake amount and at which point to stop a session.

Independent Help Centers for Gamblers

There is a number of companies you can apply for free treatment, consultation operating within your country: