Terms & Conditions

You are here with us and we are here to share the rules you have to keep to when using our service! In this exclusive preview from our terms and conditions, each finds out what agreements you accept without a reserve.

So that please read carefully the full observe of Nafgah.org terms and conditions prior accessing us and availing of our service, content, pieces of advice, tools, etc. By exploring our website, reading our articles, signing up with us, a client agrees to be bound by the following terms.

Nafgah.org Rules of Site Use

We are a registered trademark and provide complete and only up to date surveys, news, real experiences, advice materials. Herewith, Nafgah.org content can’t be copied and adjusted in their way. As well as all material of our site shouldn’t be used for any illegal or harmful activities.

We can’t take any legal responsibility for players’ errors or a damage from availing of any of our material. However, we update, moderate and improve our content daily. It goes without any notifications for you.

Also, we can’t be charged with a user unauthorised, unpermitted actions. It is up to our clients as well as visitors whether it is lawful to play for real money any particular casino game or make a particular wager at a casino.

Either we can provide the total accuracy of each item within our content – articles and other data. That’s why, we can’t be users warrantise in the way.

All content is copyrighted by Nafgah.org. Customers, site registered users and any guest can’t copy or even adjust the material of our site in their way, as well as to transfer any information from our website.

If you observe any imperfect or incorrect data or details, please we kindly request you to send us a query. We reserve the right in denying any issues, fine points for the material removal at the sole discretion unless it is false, vulgar, or hateful and threatening, or invasive of a user’s privacy in any other way.

Users Agree to the Following Terms

Anyone using our site, Nafgah.org, agrees to follow above mentioned rules, our policy and all terms, which are:

  • Do not post any comments which are false, inaccurate or anyhow abusive and hateful, harassing. No sexually-oriented, threatening and discriminatory or harmful in some way information can’t be posted through our service.
  • No harassing or anyhow insulting comments, statements are allowable to be addressed to Nafgah.org support hosts.
  • We prohibit statements that push forward, otherwise promote and advertise as well relate to other online companies.
  • If you have any complaints, you will be able to discuss all related matters through Nafgah.org complaints service.
  • All exchanged statements, dialogues during the communication process between a client and Nafgah.org, are strictly confidential. We don’t disclosed them to third parties.
  • We keep our right to reject and close some complaints which are not in accordance with Nafgah.org Terms and Conditions or are missing details considered as essential – username, email, etc. Failure to meet our rules will result in immediate suspension and ban of your profile and access to Nafgah.org.

This document explains what a website client need to know when using our pieces of advice, recommendations, tips on strategies, research material, studies, etc., including who to reach at Nafgah.org if there are any queries.

However, we are committed to protecting our customers’ privacy, safety and rights and all personal information, nuances are securely processed in accordance with our policy. We don’t spam or any other way reach out our customers unless they want it. We take our responsibilities seriously and follow the responsible, legal and clear rules of fair play online as well as review all the gambling sites, operators, entertainments firsthand.