Types of Microgaming Games and Connection with Problem Gambling

As the most successful company providing software for online casinos, Microgaming has a quite big range of games of different types. These are roulette, cards, baccarat and non-table ones as slot machines (video or 3d). All these can be represented by most of the web casinos powered by this enterprise. However, customers should choose wisely, as there is some important information that players have to take into consideration before starting Microgaming responsible gambling.

It turned out (according to recent studies) that problem gambling has a correlation with certain kinds of games. So players who are fond of a particular type of staking one may fall under the danger of a gambling addiction with higher chances.

For example, those people, who run table games more frequently than other types, tend to have the highest prevalence of gambling issue.

Impact of Microgaming Games on Gambling Addiction

Features of Microgaming Games that Can Produce a Negative Effect

Actually, it is difficult to have an answer and point out on some particular features of the venturing games that produce a negative effect and can result in gambling addiction issues. There is not enough research data that can raise accurate evidence, mostly because people who have an impulse gambling disorder, are engaged in multiple staking entertainments and it is hard to pick one feature among tons of them.

However, several ones could be considered to have a bad impact on the players. For example, Microgaming slots with “high event frequency” can hold for a longer time, because the payouts happen quite often during the playing session, so the customer thinks that he wins a lot or will soon when actual money spent on stakes could be several times higher than winnings.

Another tricky thing that influences casino clients on a psychological level is “nearly winning outcome” when the winning is almost there (2 of 3 symbols of the reward combination can appear frequently). So the player thinks that he isn’t losing, but almost winning that keeps him making more bets.

Level Achievements

Also, some Internet betting rooms or particular venturing game may push people into excessive playing by offering achievement system. Thus, some cool features will be available only at higher levels, and people keep doing everything to gain certain points for getting a new level. Therefore, it forces gamblers to go on setting bets when otherwise they would have to stop.

Playing Environment

Even such simple things as color, speed, brightness, and interface can play a negative role and be a part of the reason why there is such problem as gambling addiction. So those environmental features make the game so attractive for casino customers, that they have a strong desire to return and act more.

Microgaming Games Types and Problem Gambling

Slots for Young Adults

Several studies have discovered that there is a certain kind of slots that is especially damaging for young adults (20-30 years old). This is fruit machines that tend to be so appealing and catching for youth that it results in increased problem gambling rate among people of this age.

Internet and Gambling Addiction

There is also some evidence that the Internet is one of the reasons for today’s problem of venturing addiction. As the Internet has made everything more comfortable, quickly accessible and easily available, more people now can have an opportunity to gamble on a regular basis.

Create Limitations for Safe Play

When enjoying any staking game (even made by Microgaming) it is recommended to play wisely, think carefully about the possible consequences and consider your financial abilities. It is better to limit your bankroll to the minimum that is not damaging to your budget, set not so big bets, spend the amount of time on staking, that cannot harm your normal life. So it is also up to you to create a safe environment while playing.