Microgaming Participation in Modern Gambling Addiction Treatment

Modern gambling addiction treatment has been developed in several branches that help to cover different aspects of this problem. Biomedical and cognitive behavioral methods are the main ones in most of the countries nowadays.

However, there is still a small amount of facilities and professionals, who provide specialized and efficient assistance for people suffering from this kind of problem gambling dependence. But of course, some activities are implemented by governments and stakeholders to minimize the negative consequences of excessive staking.

The significant help is provided by soft developers, which is closely co-working with different authorities by presenting statistical information of its auditory, contributing in research of the problem, creating features that reduce impulsive behavior of players and sharing educational info concerning this matter.

Gambling Addiction Treatment with Microgaming

Organizations Founded and Co-Founded by Microgaming

Moreover, this company has a lot of good deeds that have the great impact on the development of this industry in the matters of safety and fighting addiction troubles. It has co-founded many organizations that provide services of giving assistance, supporting, legalizing, monitoring and improving the market of betting entertainments and offering Microgaming addicts treatment.

One of the main tasks of such institutions is preventing and solving problems regarding dependency. There you can make yourself familiar with the list of companies that certified Microgaming casinos as reliable ones:

  • The eCOGRA is an independent regulatory authority.
  • The Gambling Commission, which provides licensing.
  • The Remote Gambling Association, which is responsible for the fair and legal work of the casino operators and soft developers.
  • The MGA, which is in charge of regulating all aspects of betting activities in Malta and even many other countries.
  • The MeGA, which maintains the work of the stakeholders to be honest, safe and socially responsible.

e-Commerce and Online Game Regulation and Assurance

Microgaming co-founded this organization in 2003 and nowadays it is the most reliable and trusted authority in the online gaming industry and it works for implementing necessary standards to make staking entertainments as safe as possible.

Interactive Gaming Council

Another facility, which consists of such members as Microgaming is the IGC organization. The main purpose of it is creating opportunities for customers and stakeholder to build relationships on fairness and trust.

Treatment Options

Nowadays we have several approaches to the treatment for people who suffer from pathological gambling. There might be such ways as inpatient and outpatient options that combine different methods. People can receive special care of individual and group therapies for example. Inpatient programs are not so commonly used because it is only for severe cases that include deep depression and suicidal intentions.

Microgaming and Problem Gambling Treatment

Inpatient Programs

Such institutions as inpatient clinics can take care of the people who have a serious stage of the gambling addiction and suffer from side effects as feeling depressed or considering suicide as a way-out. So it is a good opportunity for gamblers to isolate themselves from any distraction that can trigger the desire to play.

Outpatient Therapy

The treatment of patients who have venturing issue can be maintained though the outpatient therapy. It includes sessions with a psychologist, counseling services, and group discussions. This method is usually combined with other ones that help to overcome an alcohol or drug addiction (that could be a result or reason of excessive staking behavior).


One of the best ways to avoid bad consequences while playing betting games is self-restriction. Fortunately, Microgaming has implemented good features allowing players to set deposit limits, control the history of the gaming sessions, set the purpose to be achieved and so stop playing once you gain it. Thus, when you take some precaution actions you will be more protected and can play with less danger of becoming addicted.