Microgaming Slots – Play Smart and Prevent Problem Gambling

Despite Microgaming has launched many programs that help to make the betting process as secure and safe as possible and it also has implemented features preventing from an excessive problem gambling, players still ought to be cautious.

First of all, it is the person’s responsibility to make everything possible to avoid bad consequence while venturing. So being smart and make wise choices are necessary things. For this, you have to be educated about all peculiarities of such type of entertainment including the possible danger.

Pay Attention to Payout Rates

The odds of winning in online casino depend on the percentage, which shows the average possibility to get payouts and their frequency. Of course, web staking rooms are always profitable, but choosing one with higher RTP will increase your chances to win. Usually, this rate is between 85% and 98%. As it is difficult to calculate the odds in the spinning machine, this information can be found on special monitoring websites.

Microgaming Slots – Fast & Furious

Slots powered by reliable Microgaming casinos have cool features and graphics that makes them fast and furious. They are very attractive because they give frequent winnings, present high-quality picture, quick flow of the game session and other great options. However, you should note to yourself that such staking entertainments are dangerous because it is easier for the player to lose money very quickly, as you can make up to 1000 spins per hour.

Facts about Microgaming Slots and How to Avoid Gambling Addiction

Unbalanced Reels

Another trick to be discovered is unbalanced reels. All slot machines actually have not very even amount of jackpot symbols on each reel – some have more of them and some less. But actually it is not so obvious and most of the players don’t notice that, so it seems that the winning combination is almost there when actually no reward set is going to happen. So watching how reels spin can create the feeling that the chances of getting paid are very near that keeps Microgaming casino clients go on betting.

False Wins and Near Misses

Web staking houses can make cunning situations that the inexperienced customer may consider beneficial to him when actually only casino gets advantages. The concept of near misses begins with the unbalanced reels (discussed above). Thus, there are outcomes when the last needed symbol for winning is above or under the line, making gamers think that they almost win, but it is actually just a psychological hoax.

In slots, you can come across such thing as a false win. As the spinning machine pays out quite frequently it seems to the player that he is lucky, so why not playing further. This is not true. Most of the times the amount of funds spent on bets are higher than reward cash. Yeah, the customer is winning, but less than he wagers.

Myths about Microgaming Slots and Connection with Problem Gambling


So there are peculiar situations in web venturing games that may mislead players and even cause the gambling addiction. That’s why before starting any staking entertainment, especially slots (note that fruit machines produce the most cases of problem gambling) you ought to know all possible dangers and how to avoid them. Keep your actions slow and thoughtful, this will keep you from getting in trouble.

Take Facts into Account

Do not consider yourself being different from other gamers and so nothing bad can happen. The facts show that careless behavior while betting leads to terrifying consequences pretty similar to alcohol or drug addiction. So always remember to be precautious.

Microgaming Guarantee Reliable Games – But You Still Have to Be a Smart Player

Fortunately, Microgaming produces only high-quality and reliable games that are licensed and monitored by different organizations. So they have all necessary standards to prevent insecure staking. However, to maximize your safety, make smart decisions about the bankroll limits, time to be spent in the game, chosen strategy and so on.