Microgaming Casinos that Control Problem Gamblers

As a responsible company that provides betting services, Microgaming is interested in creating reliable and high-quality products for their customers. However, making games is not the only task of this enterprise, as it is also engaged in preventing harmful consequences that might appear in cases of poor gambling experience like compulsive usage. And of course, this company has all precautions to prevent underage access to gaming products.

Underage Gambling

All online casinos powered by Microgaming have an underage policy that restricts access for young people under 18. Each web casino has a verification system that will identify minors who try to enter the staking room.

There is also a section, with all the information concerning child protection. It contains such parental advice as installing sophisticated filtering software that will block access to any harmful websites and inappropriate content for children including betting entertainments. For example, such programs as Net Nanny that can easily exclude certain sites from the search engine, prohibits entering certain URLs, replaces vulgar language examples and does other protecting.

responsible microgaming casino

A good parent ought to guard his children against possible harmful impacts of venturing by closing slots or table games near them, having an educational conversation explaining potential danger, keeping passwords, logins and payment methods away from the children, etc.

Compulsive Gambling and Its Preventing

As some people fall under the obsession of betting entertainments, all Microgaming casinos have implemented some prevention methods. So the casino’s employees by dint of monitoring programs can identify compulsive staking behavior and underage gaming.

For those, who decided to restrict themselves from such amusements completely, it is possible to nullify the account by request, prevent from entering the betting room and stop receiving emails of recent offers. It is also allowed to fix your own bet and deposit limits and have an access to the info about all past gaming sessions.

Self Limits

With the chance of self-control in the online casinos, people could save themselves from falling into pathological or compulsive gambling addiction and therefore prevent terrible outcomes. You can adjust special limits according to your needs and the betting room will set your own limitations in a particular game or it will cover all games of chosen brand. It is not difficult to make a request as the support group is available 24/7 by phone, e-mail or online chat.

Responsible Casinos by Microgaming

Time Reminder

Another useful feature to have a control over your problem gambling behavior is setting a time reminder. It is possible to activate this timing tool and then each game will show how much time is spent per game or overall playing. Using this feature you will be more careful while entertaining and so be able to quit when it is necessary, that will prevent excessive gaming.

Microgaming Feature Autoplay

In addition, there is an autoplay with adjusting limits that are now available as a feature in casinos powered by Microgaming. So you just have to turn on this option and the game will make spins by itself until it reaches win or loss limit that can be both set by you. It will also stop in case you win the jackpot.

Take a Break

When you notice that you might have compulsive behavior while playing there is an opportunity to take a break. The operator will provide you with such options as self-excluding programs from 1 day to 6 months.

When such feature is activated after contacting the member support, you won’t be capable of entering all games or using any of your accounts on this site. You will also stop receiving any notification about promotional offers via e-mail. So this is a way to cool off and understand the influence that might be pressured on you by addiction problem.