Microgaming as a Protector from Gambling Addiction

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Such web staking developer as Microgaming has been on the market already for more than 20 years, making high-quality products. It has built a good reputation as a responsible and trusted company, which is a co-founder of many gambling institutions that work for creating the safe environment for gamers, protecting customers from bad quality products and unfair providers.

This brand is interested in making only good projects which are accompanied by various useful features offering clients different opportunities like free versions of games. There is also a possibility in some Microgaming casinos to set bet limits for regulating the gaming process. Almost all staking amusements by this company have different bonuses, which help to get extra rewards or even allow to have a testing mode with no deposit.

Microgaming Impact on Gambling Addiction

Responsible Gambling with Microgaming

To provide a good service that corresponds with necessary standards for safety in such industry, this company is tightly co-working with some regulative organizations that have a purpose to implement rules, fair principals of gaming, ensuring that any wagering amusement has the license and works legally. And that is why responsible playing is well introduced in the products of this brand and its activities in making this market much better and secure show outstanding results.



This organization provides its testing service to many soft developers including Microgaming. It specializes on certification of the online gambling technologies and systems. The eCOGRA was launched in 2003 in the UK and quite fast it has become an international testing agency that is approved in many countries.

Its main functions include being an auditor of all issues concerning web betting, preventing illegal playing activities (underage), fighting criminal behavior and fraudulent, providing safety and privacy of the customers, giving support and necessary information, creating secure atmosphere and etc.

Gambling Commission

Gambling Comission Logo

The organization of the Gambling Comission was consequently launched after accepting the Gambling Act 2005 to provide regulation and law enforcement in the matters of staking industry. Its main purpose is issuing licenses for companies that are engaged in providing betting services including online casinos, software developers, web gaming machines and other related enterprises.

So to give a license it makes all checking procedures like monitoring and testing of standards that should be implemented.

Interactive Gaming Council

IGC logoThe IGC is also one of the associations that provide control of the online betting enterprises. It has no purpose in making profit, but only sharing their services for creating honest and responsible web gaming.

It has connections with many countries and their jurisdictions in Europe, America and Australia continents. The Interactive Gaming Council works for satisfying the needs of customers and creating the dialog between Internet staking companies, government and people.

Remote Gambling Association

RGA LogoThe RGA is responsible for activities regarding regulations of web wagering, legislation and solvation of the problems that might appear in this sphere. The RGA has become the largest Internet gambling association of trading that represents almost all famous remote betting providers (especially it has close relationships with Microgaming) and operator enterprises.

Thus, it performs duties not only of controlling character but also it shares educational info, warning gamers of possible harm and shows how to avoid it, supplies staking companies with the necessary support and helps to make this business more secure.


Manx e-Gaming Association


The MeGA was established in 2006 with a purpose of proper development of the online gaming on the territory of the Isle of Man. The main tasks include supporting the internet wagering in this region, promoting educational events for better understating of this industry, participating in the international conversation with different organizations and governments, maintaining and implementing control requirements for all members related to this sphere, enforcing international jurisdiction and establishing high standards for the better performance of e-gaming.

Malta Gaming Authority

MGA LogoMalta Gaming Authority authority has become granted the honor to be not only the local organization responsible only for its region, but also its presence may be seen in many other countries and so a lot of soft providers co-work with it to be more competitive and reliable.

It presents really good regulatory service with all technical equipment needed to provide thorough monitoring. So it focuses on legislation, governing duties, checking procedures, providing the better understanding of the market and establishing transparent conditions.

Katie’s Isaacson Social Responsibility

There are some people, who make a useful content sharing necessary information about the world of betting entertainment. And one of the coolest blogs of such type on the Internet is maintained by Katie Isaacson, who is originally from Germany and then moved to Australia and has started reviewing trusted web casinos powered by Microgaming, and its projects.

For example, she pays much attention to the social responsibility of this industry in the article “8 myths and facts about problem gambling”. Her blog is devoted to bringing good to the customers of the web houses by providing the reliable information about the best casinos and games.

Fun Thrilling and Gambling Addiction – Delicate Balance

So despite being an entertaining thing, staking has some serious principles that should be taken into the account of every player. Mostly because unwise behavior may result in addiction problem and therefore debts and bad relationships with family and so on.

To find that thin line between having fun and falling into the danger you ought to be always precautious with setting your bankroll limits, time to be spent on this amusement, the choice of betting room (use only reliable ones that are powered by trusted providers) and etc. And such companies as Microgaming will help their clients to have a great experience in preventing any possible harm by providing good service and support.